059 PRAWEEN KARMAKAR (Rachi, India)

059 PRAWEEN KARMAKAR (Rachi, India)




Education- graduate  in a/c Hons.

                  7th yr diploma in art from B.S.P. kolkata

                  5th yr diploma in art from P.K.K. Chandigarh 

Work.-    senior  art teacher at

                 Jawaharlal Nehru  Kala kendra  mecon.             

Union Club & Library. H.B. Road Ranchi

Studio – Bardaman House. Navin mitra lane 

                Lalpur ranchi. Jharkhand

Founder of iicap ( Indian institute of creative art and painting)


                                   INWATERCOLOR  INDIA

Visit –  Italy. Sperlonga. Nepal. Bangladesh. Thailand

Exhibition-  fabriano in acquarello italy .4 times

                IWS Bulgaria  / IWS Ukraine  / IWS  Nepal

                IWS India / IWS Bangladesh/IWS Mexico

                IWS Urbino / IWS  Pakistan / IWS Malaysia 

                2nd & 3rd Tune of Art Focus Bangladesh 

                International  watercolour  exhibition  Siberia 

                5th international  watercolour  exhibition  Grece 

                Group exhibition  at Thailand

Organize _ WIDE CANVAS  at union club  ranchi 

               From 2002.

TARANG- Art exhibition at mecon.

Curate international watercolour workshop at  kolkata.jalpaiguri.tajpur. Pune and ranchi  where 26 countries artist participated.

Charity- Taking class at union club & library from last 15 yrs of 100 students

Awards – JHARKHAND SAMMAN in art 2017

                By jharkhand government 

                Best artist in professional  catg.

                By Jharkhand state cricket asso.

                Best painting award  in fabriano acquarello italy  

                In 2015 / 2016

               Top 20 award in IWS Nepal

               Best jury award in IWS Bangladesh

               Elite award in Malaysia 

               BEST ENTRY AWARD in camel art foundation 2011


Camp-      . Rajgir by lalikala academy

                   Rainbow ranchi

                   Splash ranchi.

                   Off the wall jamshedpur 


                   Attend so many art camp of jharkhand government 

                  & local other organisations. 

Demo. – fabriano  italy 3 times.




I organize  watercolour workshop  at diamond

Harbour  kolkata & jalpaiguri in asso. With INWATERCOLOR 














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