046 MASUDA AHMED (Dhaka, Bangladesh 1976 )

 046  MASUDA AHMED  (Dhaka, Bangladesh 1976)


• Fine Art: Water Color, Painting, Oil & Acrylic on Canvas, Mix Media & Metal works
• Fashion Design: Dress Design (especially ladies & Kids Dress & Accessories
• Interior Design: Several apartments, offices & community hall
• Other Design: Costume Design for TC Programs, Set design etc.
• Teaching: Art teaching (especially for medical students and kids)


Master of Fine Arts, University of Chittagong, Bangladesh
• Dept. of Fine Arts


Professional Certificates
Television Drama Production Technique Course, National Institute of Mass Communication, Dhaka, Bangladesh
2003 (Apr 5-May 03)

TV Set Design Course, National Institute of Mass Communication, Dhaka, Bangladesh
2003 (04-30 Jan)

TV Set Design Course, National Institute of Mass Communication, Dhaka, Bangladesh
2003 (04-30 Jan)

Workshop on Photography, View Finder Photographic Club, In collaboration with Tirjok Nattya Goshti, Shilpakola Academy Seminar Hall, Chittagong, Bangladesh
2002 (Aug 23)


Berger Young Painters’ Award, Bangladsh
1996 (Oct 21)

Natun Kuri Award (3rd in National Art Competition), Dhaka, Bangladesh
1988 (Age Group 8-12)

Gold medalist in ‘Agnipath 09th Annual Art Competition and Exhibition 2018-19, New Delhi, India
2018 (17 Nov)



My Painting gifted to Prime Minister of Bangladesh by Bangladesh Air Force


International Events Participated

FabrianoInAcquerello 2019, Italy
2019 (25-31 Apr)

International Festival UrbinoInAcquerello 2019, Italy
2019 (01-05 May)

MiniWatercolor Kyiv 2019, Ukraine
2019 (07-24 Jun)

IInd Int’l Watercolor Triennial, Varna, Bulgaria
2019 (01-05 Jul)

IWS Indonesia 3rd Exhibition @rtquarelle, Bali, Indonesia
2019 (01-07 Aug)

In Watercolor, India Indonesia
2019 (08-10 Jun)

2nd International Watercolour Festival-2018, Kathmundu-Lumbini, Nepal
2018 (03-09 Dec) IWS Globe President Founder

Colors & Heart, International Art Exhibition 2018, Kathmundu, Nepal
2018 (01-03 Dec) organized by Focus Bangladesh

Bangladesh Artist Group Art Exhibiton, Kathmundu, Nepal
2018 (23-27 Feb)

3rd International & National Award Exhibition and Art Camp, Colombo, Sri Lanka
2018 (21-23 Dec)

Global Friendship Art Festival, Thimpu, Bhutan
2019 (3-6 Feb)


Group Exhibitions Participated

Anuranan Art Show, Shilpakala Academy, Chittagong
2018 (05-07 April)

Art Exhibition 2018, Chattogram Charushilpi Porshod, Dhaka
2018 (09-16 Nov)

3rd Tune of Art, International Art Festival 2018
2018 (23-26 October)

Art Exhibition, Chattogram Charushilpi Porshod, Dhaka
2017 (Oct 27-Nov 3)

Samakalin Chattogram (Charushipli Parishad), Chittagong, Bangladesh
1997 (Jul 30)



Freelance Artist
2006– Present

After my graduation in Fine Arts I have been working as a part-time freelance Artist & Designer in various media including drawing, oil/acrylic & water color. Besides, I work in mix media and metal works for different clients of home and abroad. I also have hands on experience on Dress Design, Costume Design, Interior Design & Set Design. I am a part time consultant in an interior design firm as well.

Dress Designer, Dressy Dale (Boutique House)
2004– 2005

Contemporary Fashion Design
Designing on local theme

Set & Costume Designer, under TV Producer Kayes Chowdhury

TV Set Design
Outdoor set design
Ancient Costume Design
Contemporary Costume Design
Costume Design for TV Advertisements


Countries Visited

Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Nepal