058 PRAFULL B. SAWANT (Nasik, India 1979)

058 PRAFULL B. SAWANT (Nasik, India 1979)



The Brand Ambassador of Daniel smith watercolors , USA.

He has long been considered one of the foremost Realistic artists in the world. He is best known for his Plain Air atmospheric landscapes that captures the light to create the mood and space of the scene. He is a highly sought after around the world for his demonstrations, international workshops, lectures and exhibits. He is frequently invited for Plain Air workshops, to jury international competitions and prestigious Invitational exhibitions and events such as «3ème Festival International de peinture de plein air sur grand format», Paris ,France ( 2019), «Moscow International Watercolor Festival» , Russia (2017), «10th Festival International De L’Aquarelle», Aiguillon ,France (2017), «Artlife Fest-2018 and 2019 » in Moscow ,Russia, «5th Lushan International Watercolor Festival» in China (2014), «Qingdao Art Museum» in China (2014), «Festival De International Aqurela» in Peru (2019) Fabriano In Aquarello , Italy ( 2016, 2018,2019 ) and more.

 He has been invited for his Solo Exhibition in China at Shanghai Quanhua Watercolor art Gallery, Shanghai and Xufeng Art Museum in Qingdao City. He has 12 solo Exhibitions and more than 60 international Exhibition by invitation on his Credit. He Won 45 Awards and Scholarships in National and State Levels.

 Has won 38 international awards from across the world for his watercolor, oil and acrylic paintings. He was the first and the only artist from India to win the 148th International Exhibition of American Watercolor Society award held in New York (2015). His awards include: First Award at «10th Festival De L Aquarelle» in Aiguillon ,France (Oct 2017), Silver Award at «Dawei International Art Exhibition» in Jinan, Org by Qilu art Museum, China (2017), First Award for Oil painting in » Artistic Excellence International Painting Competition by Southwest Art Magazine» in Colorado, USA (2011), «Palm Art Award-Leipzig» from Germany (2011,2014), «Northwest Watercolor Society’s 72nd International Exhibition» in Washington, USA (2012), «34th International Watercolor Art Society» in Houston,USA,(2011), Northwest watercolor society , Washington,USA ( 2012), Sandiago watercolor society, USA (2009, 2011) «Fabriano In Acquarello» 2016 festival Maxi Paint Performance award, Italy (2016), International watercolor Trinnale exhibition(IWS) ,Verna ,Bulgaria (2017, 2019 ), Tsseilenoki watercolor, Greece (2017), International watercolor museum, Talouc, Mexico ( 2018) In addition to international credits his works were featured in most appreciated international watercolor magazines and Books.

Article Featured in USA’s Leading Magazine «Watercolor Artist » Ohio ,USA (Painting Featured on Front Page With 10 Pages Special Article)-Feb,2013 ,South West Arts” Magazine, CO. USA , «Art of Watercolor» magazine Naintre, France , ,»L»Art De L» Aquarelle» Magazine,Naintre, France., Splash-12,13,14 in USA. ,International Artist ,Australia, Master of Watercolors -East to , St.Petursburg, Russia and many Others. He visited more than 20 countries for his invitational exhibition ,demo and workshops

His works are most sought after among private collectors, Art Museums and Galleries across the world.